[OUTDATED] How to Setup PolyMC and move instances from MultiMC


Do not use PolyMC, the PolyMC lead went rouge and destroyed the launcher. Please dont use it anymore. Normal maintainers made a fork named “Prism” which will be a continuation of PolyMC. A new Tutorial will be available soon.

This tutorial will show how to setup PolyMC and move instances from MultiMC if you have any.

NOTE: For Minecraft 1.18 and above you’ll also need Java 17 as it will not launch without it.

PolyMC: https://link.jamiebode.co.uk/PolyMC
Java for MC 1.18+: https://link.jamiebode.co.uk/Java17
Java for MC 1.17: https://link.jamiebode.co.uk/Java16
Java for MC 1.16 & Below: https://link.jamiebode.co.uk/Java8

Text Instructions Not Coming Soon.

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