How to setup and install a custom pack on CurseForge Launcher

  1. Install the CurseForge launcher if not already installed [LINK]
    CurseForge Download Page
  2. Open the CurseForge Launcher
    Image showing the CurseForge icon from Windows search.
  3. Make sure you have a decent amount of memory allocated to Minecraft:
    a. Go to Setting on the launcher
    CurseForge Settings Button

    b. Go to the “Minecraft” Tab and under “Java Settings” make sure the “Allocated Memory” is enough for the pack you are going to play (4GB Minimum, 8GB should be a good amount for most packs).
    CurseForge Settings
  4. Now Go to the Minecraft section on the launcher and click “Create Custom Profile”
    CurseForge Create Custom Profile
  5. Then click on “Import”
    CurseForge Create Profile and Import
  6. Select the packs zip downloaded from the pack maker
    CurseForge Select File
  7. Wait for the modpack to install
    CurseForge Installing Pack
  8. Once modpack has installed press “Play”
    CurseForge Demo Pack
  9. Now login if needed to the Minecraft launcher and press play to launch the pack
    Minecraft Launcher Play

Video Instructions Coming Soon. Maybe.

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